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I’m glad Jeremih took his time with this album because the results are pleasing.

It took Dark Light over 2 years to independently produce and refine their debut album, “Loin de toi,” a multi-genre experience that tells the story of two young lovers and their long-distance journey through 15 unique original songs. The listener is privy to an intimate conversation between a couple on a date at a large […]

This album is definitely for the faint of heart. Two of the best electronic music producers join forces to bring a crazy and eclectic sound. Think of the album as a simple sine sound being distorted into different other sounds.

This girl’s voice has so much character. Stream her latest album HERE.

Click here to stream the album on YouTube.

Stream Kiesza’s album Sound Of A Woman HERE. Click next on the Vevo player to listen to the next track.

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DJ Mustard definitely went for that west coast sound. You can hear the Dr.Dre influence in almost every beat. The only difference is that Dijon’s beats are a lot simpler and have that modern digital sound whereas Dr.Dre’s beats were more intricate and had a wormer analogue sound. This is a good album that unfortunately […]