Kid Ink

It’s a pretty good track. I’m wondering why Kid Ink didn’t include it in his ‘Summer In The Winter’ Album.

Kid Ink will probably drop visuals for this one.

This music video feels like it’s been taken straight out of the N.W.A movie. Straight Out Of Compton has multiple scenes with tons of naked women dancing and partying in the backyards and pools of beautiful L.A. mansions.

There is nothing special about Pia Mia’s voice but the track is good. Kid Ink did his thing. Pia Mia needs to stop the features and try to succeed and shine on her own.

Kid Ink was smart to jump on this track. Plus he did a descent job on it.

Very sweet track. This one might do as well as ‘Post To Be.’

Cartoonish adaptation of the track ‘Hotel.’