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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will come without Kinect later this year. It will cost $399 USD on June 9. In Europe, that’s £349 and 399 Euros. The Xbox One will be at the same price as the PlayStation 4. Not too long ago, Microsoft stated it had no intention of removing the […]

A White Xbox One appeared on eBay for sale on which is engraved “I Made This, Launch Team 2013”. It is accompanied by a Kinect and two pads (one white, the other black). All for … U.S. $ 2,699.95 for immediate purchase. It is clearly a rare item even though, we have no idea on […]

Microsoft has announced Xbox One will be released in 26 new countries this September, including Japan, Denmark and UAE. Here is the list of countries getting the console in September: Argentina Belgium Chile Colombia Czech Republic Denmark Finland Greece Hungary India Israel Japan Korea Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia South Africa […]

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All that needs to be said is that realism certainly has made it’s way to the next generation of consoles. I cannot wait to see and experience the video games that will be releasing 2 to 3 years from now when developers will have a better handle over the PS4 and Xbox One. what a […]

The evolution of the PlayStation controller: The evolution of the Xbox controller:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Is THE Official Xbox One Embassador and he explains why he chose Microsoft over Sony below: Xbox One : interview exclusive avec Zlatan Ibrahimovic qui parle jeux vidéo

I really hope that everything works just the way they are showing cause if it doesn’t on the first try, people will forget voice command and go back to using the controller only. Check the video here: Xbox One