Nicki Minaj

Watch as we react to the ‘ReQuest Dance Crew: NEW KINGS | @nickiminaj’ performance, followed by a discussion of the content.

This guy needs to start acting his age. How much younger than him are these girls?

This video is as classless as the couple itself. Just compare them to Jay-Z and Beyonce and you’ll understand. I mean, during all the years that they’ve been together, we barely saw them kiss in public.

They got a smooth track on their hands. Meek and Nicki keep showing the world that they not only fit as a couple but also as co-artists.

Nicki went bubblegum Nicki Minaj again.

With Major Lazer’s style gaining popularity, David Guetta decided to hop on the trending train and make something in the same spirit. Now that Mad Max is on all movie theatres screens, David Guetta took the opportunity to make a music video inspired by the movie. Nicki Minaj was obviously not available for the video […]