Pia Mia has an unmemorable voice. The track on the other hand is alright. I wish another artist with better pipes had sang this track. Chris Brown is just everywhere these days.

No description or comment needed. Everything that you’ll see is in the title.

Finally a different track from Tyga. This track has personality mainly due to the original beat.

The beat is typical but Pia Mia’s melodies are interesting enough. Chris Brown might make this one a hit for Pia Mia.

This one is more single material than their first released track.

This video is all about competition between Chris and Tyga. It must have cost them a few deb-loons too. It was clever of Chris Brown to make fun of his situation with the law (Community service).

Mariah Carey is referred to by Fifth Harmony and Tyga on this song to explain a feeling they get when their other half touches them. The track is reminiscent of Mariah’s old school tracks yet it still has a modern ratchet feel to it.

Update: Chris Brown & Tyga – Fan Of A Fan : The Album | Tracklisting 1. Westside 2. Nothin’ Like Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) 3. Ayo 4. Girl You Loud 5. Remember Me 6. I Bet (feat. 50 Cent) 7. D.G.I.F.U. (feat. Pusha T) 8. Bette 9. Lights Out (feat. Fat Trel) 10. Real […]